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handcrafted metal jewelry

I started out making jewelry as a hobby about 10 years ago. I started with those plastic beads that I got on clearance at Michael's. They were so cheesy but I was so proud of having made something i.e., a pair of earrings. I progressed to more classic stringing and using better glass beads and gemstones and then I got the metal itch. I took a class at CSN to learn how to fabricate metal into jewelry. This included leaning about the metals and how to saw shapes out with a jewelry saw, sand, and create different connections through soldering or cold connections. Slowly over the years I have been mostly self-taught for the bulk of my experience.

I also took a class at a local bead store to learn the art of Chain Maille. I usually only do a couple of classic easy designs, but I make all my own rings and hand cut them with my jewelry saw and then weave them together. I am self-taught as far as my wire weaving goes. I make rings and bracelets in this textile weave that is beautiful. I also took a class at the big glass show that comes to Vegas every year to learn the fine art of wire wrapping or sculptured wire to wrap beautiful dichroic glass cabs or gemstones.

I have dabbled in different clays such as polymer and precious metal clay. Precious metal clay is sterling silver that starts out as a clay and you form it into whatever you want and then fire it in a kiln or with a torch and it burns off all the binders and it becomes 99.9% pure silver also known as fine silver.

I love making rings also from sterling silver, or sometimes a triple metal combination of sterling silver, gold fill and copper. I do a lot of rings in copper and red brass also. Anything from toe rings to wire wrapped rings as well as fabricated from metals and incorporating fine art glass, gemstones and even buttons.

Handcrafted Peace Sign Ring

handcrafted peace sign ring These are hand forged sterling silver peace sign rings with a very thick guauge of wire, usually around 8-12g and the band is 8-10 guage. It is thick and it does wrap around the finger slightly. Just let me know what size you need and give me about a week to make it.

Silver Pendant

Handcrafted sterling silver pendant with a druzy stone.

Broken Mended Heart

mixed metals broken mended heart with celestial theme necklaces These Mixed Metals Broken Mended Heart with Celestial Theme Necklaces are made from red brass which is hand cut with a jewelry saw. The different celestial componenets, sun, moon and stars are then cut out of copper and sterling silver.

Tri Metal Ring

Handcrafted tri metal ring, sterling silver, copper, and gold fill.

Second Nature Designs

Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry made from sterling silver, copper and red brass Allison Lundahl - Las Vegas

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Original Crafted Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry - Handcrafted Unique Metal Jewelry - The Art Of Chain Maille I also incorporate dichroic glass (fused glass), gemstones and other natural materials. I also do wire wrapping, hand weaving wire, chain maille and stringing. My jewelry is unique and timeless.

broken mended heart jewelry

I love to handcraft my broken mended heart pendants from either copper or red brass and then give them custom elements to personalize them to the individual ordering the heart. The hearts are cut in a zig zag down the middle and then sewn back together with sterling silver wire to represent a "broken-mended heart." Then different themes are created by cutting out the elements in a contrasting metal to what the heart is and they are soldered on or cold connected. These hearts have proven to be quite popular and unique.

While selling my jewelry down at First Friday here in Las Vegas, I met the brand ambassador for Absolut Elyx vodka and I was hired to do events with them where I hand stamp copper jewelry for the guests with their initials or a short phrase. I do 1/4" copper bar pendants, various bracelets/cuffs and rings for them. Copper is used to distill their top shelf vodka therefore the copper jewelry is a big hit every time.

I now melt down my own scrap silver and then roll it out with a rolling mill to make my own sterling silver sheet. This has created even more possibilities for me to expand my horizons and the types of jewelry I make. I love to do custom pieces for customers so feel free to design something with me. It's a lot of fun and very rewarding.

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